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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Design And Symbols

A rose flower foot tattoo design means love in its purest form. A rose flower is considered the greatest floral symbol for the combination of its beauty, scent and shape. A red rose foot tattoo means ultimate love while the yellow rose means joy. A light pink rose tattoo design can either mean admiration or compassion while white rose means respect. A rose tattoo that is full of thorns means that love exists with risks, that even the most beautiful can get hurt and with to experience the greatest love of life you'll need to open yourself to pain.

Another lovely flower foot tattoo design is the daisy. The white daisy means innocence and peace. Chrysanthemum tattoo, on the other hand, means gold or abundance since the flower is referred as the golden flower. This flower tattoo means life or immortality. And the cherry blossom design means prosperity and good luck.